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Why We Care

The Sports Industry has at least a $50 Billion dollar annual impact on the United States’ economy. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 Trillion dollars over a 20 year period. Professional athletes’ salaries and their ancillary support resources represent a significant percentage of this “river of wealth”. The problem is that the flow of this wealth has a one way direction as professional athletes’ income jets away from wealth preservation toward spend thrift frivolity and graft. And even though college athletes are the well spring of billions of dollars annually, they don’t receive a fraction of the income they help to generate, other than a tuition scholarship.

ProSquared Business and Sports Talk Luncheon

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Our Mission

ProSquared’s mission is to systematically provide and connect athletes with the education, resources and guidance that they need to develop the totality of their human capital, with a focus on athletes’ financial education, career planning and wealth development opportunities.

Ultimately, we aim to be catalysts for the creation of a sports business infrastructure and sports culture that values, promotes and enhances athletes’ capacity to leverage their brands and resources to improve the quality of life for themselves and society at large.


Our Company

ProSquared is a limited liability company that was organized in January 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin to provide financial education, career development and business opportunities for athletes. ProSquared’s founder, Robert Wynn, has over 30 years of experience in economic development and financial education. Mr. Wynn realized that athletes have a unique opportunity to build wealth and lead communities by leveraging their visibility and their brands, but that many fail to reach their economic and leadership potential due to a lack of focused education and training in those areas. Through ProSquared, Mr. Wynn is creating a collaborative infrastructure – comprised of a network of intentionally selected experts and organizations with reputations of integrity — to educate more athletes on how to:

  • convert their income into wealth (its important to understand this concept)
  • protect their wealth
  • grow their wealth
  • and create legacies in ways that their wealth and philanthropy will benefit future generations

Note: ProSquared is not a sports agency nor is it a money management firm. The firm is dedicated to human, economic and business development.

Athletes Developmental Institutes

Athletes Development Institutes are multi-day interactive “educational camps” where athletes and other young adults convene in a comfortable environment to learn, network and relax.  The Institute programs and workshops are designed to augment participant’s money management, communication and networking skills.  Institute participants also benefit from career entrepreneurial opportunities that arise from time to time through the Institute’s robust networking environment.

Our Team

The Board of Advisors that oversees the development and execution of ProSquared’s mission is comprised of the following individuals:

• Bob Wynn, ProSquared LLC
• Paul Hees, Stifel
• Michael Morgan, Career Executive
• Mosezell Peterson, Stryker
• Bert Stitt, Center for Community Stewardship
• Prince Moody, Ohio State University

It's Time for a New Coach - A Business Coach

Learn more about ProSquared Business coaching and how it can help you navigate your business and personal life when you retire from sports.


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