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bob wynn Jan 02, 2020

Welcome to ProSquared, and welcome home. That’s right, just as your physical home is designed to keep you warm and protected from the elements, ProSquared, as your virtual home is designed to connect you to education and resources that will accelerate your development into the enlightened and economically secure person that you have the right to become.

Hence the name, “ProSquared”. Many of you have experienced intense and focused development in your sport – on the field, in the water, on the ice or snow, or on the court – but the system through which you were developed may not have been as dedicated to your development as a human being, wealth creator, and a contributor to society “beyond dribbling”. ProSquared is your home and your foundation for a wholistic approach to your personal growth. We are the ecosystem that will engulf you in a nurturing and protective network that will ensure that you are developed “off the field”...

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ProSquared Featured in Madison 365 for it's Focus on Wealth Creation

“A local group in Madison wants to help area young people plan for a future of financial independence. ProSquared works to teach students the importance of building personal wealth and making worthwhile investments for the benefit of the communities in which they live. Addressing, in particular, the interests of minority student athletes, this networking organization…” Check out the full article!

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