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PROSQUARED Supporters are our network’s “magic sauce”.  These are the vetted professionals and companies that share our mission to provide expert, accurate and objective information and education to our members.  These individuals and entities subscribe to our guiding principle that the best interest of the athlete is paramount.

Your opportunity to be a PROSQUARED Supporter includes:

  • PROSQUARED Membership
  • Presentation opportunities through The PROSQUARED Wealth Building Institutes
  • Participation in PROSQUARED Events
  • Potential to host PROSQUARED events
  • Professional service referrals when appropriate
  • Blog posting opportunities to share your expertise
  • Discounts on advertising

All Supporters must pledge to the PROSQUARED Code of Ethics and perform services at the highest level, regard for business ethics, and promotion of the PROSQUARED mission.

Become a PROSQUARED Supporter and help fulfill the mission of developing athletes to be Professionals On and Off the Field.

PROSQUARED promotes the exponential growth of athletes by teaching them the pillars of the pursuit of wealth building.

Our education is a path for athletes.  Student, Athlete, Pro, Professional, Wealth and ends with Assisting their communities.











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