“At its very core, ProSquared is a network of knowledgeable and sincere individuals who genuinely want to see young people be successful.  Before the company was officially created, the founders volunteered to serve as adult advisors to the first and only compliance approved investment club that was comprised of Division I athletes.  As a member of that club, I had the rare opportunity to participate in managing a stock investment portfolio while I was in college.  The lessons I learned there contributed greatly to my confidence and ability to manage my own investment portfolio as a pro in the NFL.”

Brad Nortman, collegiate & NFL football player, now a full-time investment professional


“I have seen the swift and nimble ProSquared network in action with my own eyes.  When I was tasked to develop internship opportunities for student athletes as an academic advisor, one call to ProSquared yielded fantastic experiential opportunities for several students from just one referral.  And when it was time for me to make a move professionally, I called on the ProSquared network once again, and I was relocated and happily employed within the matter of days.”

Prince Moody, played football at the University of Wisconsin Madison, earned his masters’ degree in education, and is currently an academic advisor in the athletic department of a Division I University


“I entered the high school coaching field after graduating from college.  Raising money and connecting with sponsors was part of my job expectation.  Even though I moved a thousand miles away from Madison, ProSquared was able to connect me to a company that became an important sponsor of our football team.  I should also say that the ProSquared folks were super generous with their time when I was in college, providing me with personalized financial literacy tutorials at no charge.”

Culmer St. Jean, former football player at the University of Wisconsin

"I had the great fortune of attending the first two Athletes Development Institutes. I learned a lot at the Institutes and made some great contacts. When the principals at PROSQUARED learned of my career interest in financial services, they quickly connected me to a great company where I received training to become an asset manager. I am very fortunate and thankful to have connected with the great network and resources of PROSQUARED."

Michael Flowers
played football at the University of Wisconsin Madison, earned his masters’ degree in education, and is currently an academic advisor in the athletic department of a Division I University

"Many people don’t yet realize that the people at ProSquared are deeply engaged in community education and development. I connected with the founder of ProSquared through one of his community programs when I was in the 8th grade. Since that time, I’ve been on innumerable field trips and I’ve had the chance to development my speaking skills at a number of events, including at the ProSquared Community Reception where I was the opening speaker. I love the way the ProSquared members give back so generously to the communities in which they were raised."

Lauren Tatus
University of Wisconsin Madison graduate

"For me, the two days of intensive, relevant financial education at the Athletes Development Institute was just the tip of the iceberg. The more significant outcomes for me were the business connections and mentoring that followed the Institute. Thanks to ProSquared, I was able to raise some capital for my entrepreneurial endeavors, and I continue to learn from their network of highly skilled and experienced professionals."

Daniel Moore
played football at the University of Wisconsin Madison and is now an Insurance Account Executive

"ProSquared really did work like an ecosystem for me, during and after college. In college, they provided me with mentoring, guidance and counseling at a time when I really needed it. And I give them due credit for setting my career on the fast track. They offered me an internship at one of their nonprofit affiliates, and I landed my first corporate job through their network. So they are the reason that I am happily employed in Phoenix to this day."

Nick Hill
former football player at the University of Wisconsin


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