Welcome to PROSQUARED, a Wealth Building Network for Athletes

bob wynn wealth building Apr 01, 2020

Welcome to PROSQUARED, and welcome home.  That’s right, just as your physical home is designed to keep you warm and protected from the elements, PROSQUARED, as your virtual home is designed to connect you to education and resources that will accelerate your development into the enlightened and economically secure person and wealth creator that you have the right to become.

Hence the name, “PROSQUARED”.  Many of you have experienced intense and focused development in your sport – on the field, in the water, on the ice or snow, or on the court – but the system through which you were developed may not have been as dedicated to your development as a human being, wealth creator, and a contributor to society “beyond dribbling”.  PROSQUARED is your home and your foundation for a holistic approach to your personal growth.  We are the ecosystem that will engulf you in a protective and supportive network that will ensure that you are developed “off the field” just as intensively as others will develop you “on the field”.  Put another way, through our powerful network, you will become a multifaceted professional - “PROSQUARED”. 

We exist because we realized that so many good athletes and altruistic supporters of athletes were virtually “homeless”.  Many youngsters were on a furious grind to develop their athletic skills, with ample sports related resources.  And we observed that there are legions of well-intentioned educators, service professionals and business leaders who truly desire to be a part of athletes’ support system, but they were limited due to compliance regulations and a short-sighted infrastructure that was more geared toward monetization and winning than helping individual athletes to build a strong financial future for themselves and their families.  PROSQUARED is that place for athletes who desire to affiliate with caring professionals whose priority focus is on the long-term best interest of the athlete. 

Here’s how we’re similar to the infrastructures of which you’re already a part.  Each PROSQUARED member will have to invest in the vision of their best future, and they’ll have to do the work to make that vision a reality.  ProSquared will provide the guidance, education, connections and resources, but we cannot do the part of the work that can only be done by you.  OK?

We look forward to receiving inspiring updates from you similar to the messages we’ve received from so many others.  On that score, we have helped ProSquared members to complete their undergraduate studies and others to gain admittance to graduate degree programs.  We have connected student athletes to internships, and alumni athletes to lucrative career opportunities.  And we have facilitated untold numbers of professional and business introductions through our PROSQUARED networking events.

Our current moment offers new opportunities and challenges for college and professional athletes.  College athletes’ name image and likeness are being emancipated; all pro sports are on sabbatical due to Covid 19; and the very way that we live and work is changing (and Zooming) before our very eyes.  All of us at PROSQUARED embrace this propitious moment.  Since change is inevitable, let’s make it not just a change for the better, but a change for the best.  It starts at “home”, with all of us striving to be our best. 

So welcome home and welcome to PROSQUARED.


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